off the kale-o-meter


Off the kale-o-meter is great in taste and nutrition, which will keep your body in equilibrium.

Off the kale-o-meter has the following benefits:

  • ultimate energy
  • nutrition boost
  • alkalising

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Off the kale-o-meter is designed to help you start your day by getting you in balance by providing a high alkaline drink to counter the acidity in your body.

Ingredients and their individual benefits:

  • kale:                 iron, magnesium, vitamin A, C, calcium, energy boosting
  • apples:            vitamin C, antioxidant – quercetin, boost immune system, detoxify liver
  • cucumber:    vitamins B, rehydrate, superfood, calcium
  • celery:             superfood, alkaline balancing, stress relief, anti-inflammatory
  • spinach:          loaded with vitamins, omega 3, strengthens bones,
  • parsley:           potassium, vitamins A, C, K, E, B’s, and lowers cholesterol
  • lemon:             calcium, potassium, vitamin C, immune system boost, blood purifier



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