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eat to the beet


eat to the beet is crammed in flavour and nutrition, which will leave you feeling energised, motivated & productive.

eat to the beet has the following benefits:

  • boost your immune system
  • purify your blood
  • rich in carotenoids and calcium
  • high vitamin CJuice for life inside a splash image
  • detoxifying




Beetroot is a great source of energy and can help lower blood pressure.

eat to the beet will boost your immune system and purify your blood.

Ingredients and their individual benefits:

  • beetroot:           iron, vitamin A, B6, C, antioxidant, blood flow
  • carrots:               vitamin A, cancer prevention, anti-ageing, skin, heart, beta-carotene, detoxifying
  • cucumber:         vitamins B, rehydrate, super food, calcium
  • apples:                 vitamin c, antioxidant – quercetin, boosts immune system, detoxify liver
  • sweet potato:  anti-inflammatory, vitamins E, A, C,
  • lemon:                  calcium, potassium, vitamin C, boost immune system, blood purifier
  • ginger:                  anti-inflammatory, digestive aid
  • turmeric:            detoxifying, alkalising


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